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Acting Career: Television

After the Deluge (2003)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Three brothers deal with their father's alzheimers, while they struggle with how his parenting skills affected their lives, as their father relives his past.

Cast List:

David Wenham - Alex Kirby
Hugo Weaving - Martin 'Marty' Kirby
Samuel Johnson - Toby Kirby
Aden Young - Young Cliff
Ray Barrett - Old Cliff Kirby
Catherine McClements - Nikki Kirby
Essie Davis - Beth
Rachel Griffiths - Annie
Kate Beahan - Margaret
Vince Colosimo - Eric
Marta Dusseldorp - Eva
Bob Franklin - Sid
Marco Chiappi - Bevan
Simon Burke - Michael
Tara Morice - Dianne
Brian Lipson - Gerry
Margaret Harvey - Brenda
Aidan Fennessy - Ken
Ryan Hart - Jesse
Nicholas Fleming - Callum
Michael Harrison - Young Marty
Joshua Jay - Young Alex
Gus Upchurch - Young Tovy
Emily Browning - Maddy
Isabella-Celeste Cappelli - Isabelle
John Watson - Lost Boys Drummer
Joe Creighton - Lost Boys Bass Player
Peter Farnan - Lost Boys Guitarist
Samantha Tolj - Yashi
Simone Smith - Liesl
Sarah Carter - Popstar
Jan Skubiszewski - Brian, Session Guitarist / Guitar Double
Georgie Bax - Skye
Rhys McConnochie - Reverend
Geire Kami - Lisa - Office Secretary
Rhonda Wilson - Cliff's Aunt
Esme Melville - Edith
Collette Bruggeman - Foyer Nurse
Melanie Beddie - Nurse Judy
William Bennett - Reg _Ukelele Player
Joe Silato - Cafe Patron
Alec Woolley - Recovering Soldier
Katerina Astrinakis - Soldier's Girlfriend
Stephen Hall - Maggie's Husband
Angela Twigg - Nikki's Lawyer
Francesca Blundell - Toby and Beth's Daughter
Bradley Sutherland - Older Callum
Whiskey - Cliff's Dog
Blue - Chainsaw
Geordie Taylor - Dying Young Soldier
Warrick Denmead - Soldier
Cameron Knight - Soldier
Warren Mcdonald - Soldier
James Benedict - Captain
Lisa N Edwards - Mother at Airport
Danielle Chau - Architect
James Condon - Brian Corstairs
Damien Fotiou - Greg
Alicia Gardiner - Nurse Aid
Robert Grubb - Simon
Sue Jones - Landlady
Claire Paradine - Emma
James Ryan - Cricket Umpire
Peter Stefanou - Stavros
Jason Turley - Injured Soldier

David's Role:

David played Alex Kirby, an architect whose marriage is in shambles.


David was nominated for a Silver Logie (Australian television industry award) for Most Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

Writer Andrew Knight was a co-writer for SeaChange. David considered this script to be one of the best ones he's ever read.

Ray Barrett was in Australia.

Catherine McClements performed a stage reading with David called Well May We Say.

Rachel Griffiths (Annie) starred in Cosi as Lucy.

Aden Young has been in several of David's films and TV projects including Molokai: The Story of Father Damien, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, and Cosi. He also appears in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time

Kate Beahan (Margaret) played Jo Buckley in Crocodile Hunter: Collison Course.

Tara Morice (Dianne) played a prostitute in Moulin Rouge, Helen Waldman in Answered By Fire and Pauline in Oranges and Sunshine.

Catherine McClements (Nikki Kirby) played Sam in Better Than Sex.

Joshua Jay (Young Alex Kirby) was in The Bank.

Sue Jones played Verna Miller in the episode of SeaChange titled "My Own Sweetheart", the Bank Barrister in The Bank and Helen Pritchet in Killing Time.

Rhys McConnochie (reverend) played Angus McFarland in Come in Spinner.

Melanie Beddie was in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

Aidan Fennessy (Ken) played a parking officer in Stiff.

Samantha Tolj and Stephen Hall were in Killing Time.

Rhonda Wilson (Cliff's Aunt) was in the SeaChange episode "The Fellowship of the Suit" as Stella Gray.

Robert Grubb (Simon) was in the SeaChange episodes "Love Me or Leave Me" and "Sex, Death and Bridges" as Barry Boston. He was also in The Brush-Off as Detective Senior Constable Micaelis.

Peter Stefanou (Stavros) was in the SeaChange episode "A Matter of Taste" as Charlie.

Stuntman Warwick Sadler performed stunts in Australia and played a driver in the SeaChange episode Balls and Friggin Good Luck.


After The Deluge - Alex Kirby's family
'I don't want to be your wife any more'
'I'll do it myself'
'I'm drowning'

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