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Australia (2008)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Lady Sarah Ashley travels to Australia to save her late husband's cattle ranch and keep King Carney from taking her livelihood away from her.

Cast List:
Shea Adams - Carney Boy #3
Eddie Baroo - Bull
Ray Barrett - Ramsden
Tony Barry - Sergeant Callahan
Jamal Bednarz-Metallah - Mission Boy
Damian Bradford - Constable #1
Bryan Brown - King Carney
Nathin Butler - Carney Boy #1
Tara Carpenter - Essential Services Woman
Rebecca Chatfield - Magarri's Niece
Lillian Crombie - Bandy Legs
Max Cullen - Old Drunk
Essie Davis - Cath Carney
Arthur Dignam - Father Benedict
Michelle Dyzla - Hairdresser
Haidee Gaudry - Essential Services Woman
Sandy Gore - Gloria Carney
Terence Gregory - Mission Boy
David Gulpilil - King George
Jamie Gulpilil - Porter (Wharf)
Peter Gwynne - Lady Sarah's Butler
Sean Hall - Soldier (At Government House)
Nigel Harbach - Carney Boy #4
Joy Hilditch - Essential Services Woman
Matthew Hills - Flying Boat Steward
Jimmy Hong - Carney Manservant
Bill Hunter - Skipper (Qantas Sloop)
Jarwyn Irvin-Collins - Mission Boy
Hugh Jackman - Drover
Robert Jago - Military Police
John Jarratt - Sergeant
Eugene Kang - Waiter
Nicole Kidman - Lady Sarah Ashley
Jacek Koman - Ivan
Crusoe Kurddal - Aboriginal Tracker
Liam Lannigan - Mission Boy
Siena Larsson - Flying Boat Passenger Child
Nathan Lawson - Constable #2
Cody Lea - Mission Boy
Jack Leech - Ball Guest
Charles Leung - Waiter
Jacob Linger - Evacuee Child
Mark Malabirr - Porter (Wharf)
John Martin - Ball Guest
Logan Mattingley - Mission Boy
Adam McMonigal - Darwin Policeman
Ben Mendelsohn - Captain Dutton
Dylan Minggun - Mission Boy
Phillippe Moon - Ball Photographer
Nyalik Munungurr - Mission Boy
Patrick Mylott - Naval Officer
David Ngoombujarra - Magarri
Barry Otto - Administrator Allsop
Angus Pilakui - Goolaj
Robin Queree - Ball Guest
Mark Rathbone - Stockman
Garry Scott - Downtown Pub Patron
John Sheerin - Fireman
Bruce Spence - Dr. Barker
Jack Thompson - Kipling Flynn
Wah Yuen - Sing Song
Kerry Walker - Myrtle Allsop
Elaine Walker - Ball Guest
Brandon Walters - Nullah
John Walton - Carney Boy #2
David Wenham - Neil Fletcher
Matthew Whittet - Brother Frank
Ursula Yovich - Daisy

David's Role:

David played Fletcher, a power hungry rancher who works for King Carney, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


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Co-producer, co-writer and director Baz Luhrmann also wrote, directed and produced Moulin Rouge. Baz likes to workshop his movies before filming. David was involved in the workshop for Romeo and Juliet, but did not appear in the film.

Nicole Kidman starred in Moulin Rouge and Lion.

Ben Mendelsohn (Captain Dutton) also appeared in Cosi as Lewis and Idiot Box as Kev.

Barry Otto (Administrator Allsop) was also in Cosi as Roy. And Barry voiced the character of Echidna in Legend of the Guardians and is also in the animated short film A Cautionary Tale, and provides the voice in the film Blinky Bill.

Kerry Walker (Myrtle Allsop) was in Poor Man's Orange, played Eugenie Mason in A Little Bit of Soul, Marie in Moulin Rouge!, Sandra in Australia, and Sheila Fraser in Killing Time.

Jacek Koman was in the following plays: Hamlet, The Tempest, The Splendids and Tartuffe. He also appeared in Simone De Beauvior's Babies and Moulin Rouge.

Ray Barrett starred in After the Deluge as old Cliff Kirby.

Max Cullen was in Greenkeeping as Tom and in the stage production of Hamlet.

Bill Hunter (Kipper) appeared in an episode of SeaChange titled "My Own Sweetheart" as Vin Miller, and did the voice of Bubo in Legend of the Guardians.

The following actors were in Moulin Rouge: Matthew Whittet and Arthur Dignam.

David Gulpilil (King George) also appeared in The Proposition and Goldstone.

Eddie Baroo (Bull) was in Killing Time as Gus 'The Dog' McDermott.

The following actors were in Heartland: Tony Barry, Lillian Crombie, David Ngoombujarra and John Sheerin.

Byan Brown hosted the Twisted Tales series. David starred in the segment titled The Test.

Essie Davis was the voice of Marella in Legend of the Guardians.

Jamie Gulpilil is the son of David Gulpilil.

Stunt Coordinator Lawrence Woodward portrayed an electrician in Cosi and portayed a jailer in The Boys. He also was a stunt coordinator for that film as well as Moulin Rouge.

The following stunt performers had roles in this film Shea Adams (Carney Boy #3), Damian Bradford (Constable #1), Nigel Harbach (Carney Boy #4), Nathan Lawson (Constable #2) and John Walton (Carney Boy #2).

Shea Adams has done stunt work for No Escape and Dark City.

Damian Bradford has done stunts in Idiot Box and Moulin Rouge.

Nigel Harbach did stunts for Dark City.

John Walton did stunts for No Escape, Idiot Box and Moulin Rouge.

Ursula Yovich (Daisy) was in Jerry Springer: The Opera.


Australiamovie.net's media page filled with videos and trailers.

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This New Zealand site has some additional podcast footage. David appears in it a few times.

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Stars brave rain for Australia premiere

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