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Dripping in Chocolate (2011)

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Synopsis and Cast:

From Inside Film Magazine: When Detective Bennett O'Mara investigates the death of a strangled girl it leads him to voluptuous chocolatier Juliana Lovece. Just as this intriguing woman gets under his skin, he suspects she may be at the centre of an increasing murder count.

Cast List:

David Wenham - Bennett O'Mara
Louise Lombard - Juliana Lovece
Richard Brancatisano - Saxon Blake
Rick Donald - Carl Dukes
Shannon Ashlyn - Lucy
Geoff Morell - Stuart Verger
Caroline Brazier - Marion Verger
Lucy Durack - Bunny
Chelsie Preston Crayford - Rebecca Riley
Alfredo Malabello -

David's Role:

David plays a police detective searching for the killer of a woman who was found near a chocolate shop. His investigation soon leads to a link between the victim and the shopkeeper.


Geoff Morrell was in the stage play ART and the movie Oranges and Sunshine.

Chelsie Preston Crayford was also in The Code and Beyond the Known World.


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Shannon Ashlyn - Showreel


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