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The Crucible

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Synopsis and Cast:

From the MTC website: A dark magic possesses the Massachusetts town of Salem. The God-fearing citizens are on their guard – no one is beyond suspicion, indeed even the meekest neighbour could be consorting with the Devil. As investigations into witchcraft reach their highest pitch, a young woman points a condemning finger at Elizabeth, the blameless wife of John Proctor. But Proctor finds he cannot save her without unearthing his own black sin.

Cast List:
David Wenham
Anita Hegh

David's Role:

David will be playing John Proctor.


Anita Hegh had a regular role in Return to Jupiter. She also played a waitress in Cosi, and Paulina in The Seagull.


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Brochure 2
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Performance Dates:

Melbourne Theatre Company: June 22 - August 3, 2013.

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