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The Red Dress (1993)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A man's struggle to get his girlfriend a dress she's had her eye on leads to some interesting adventures.

Cast List:
David Wenham - Eddie
Laura Keneally - Elly & Monique
Yves Stenning - Marcus
Jane Fisher - Monique's Voice
John Polson - Doby

David's Role:

David plays Eddie, a musician who is in love, but his girlfriend is falling out of love with him. She hasn't told him this yet, but eventually he finds out the truth. In meantime she eyes this beautiful red dress and tells him she wants it. Eddie waits too long to get it and soon another man buys it. He tries to buy it off the guy, but he won't budge. It's the last dress in the shop. So Eddie goes through great lengths to try to get this dress for his girlfriend.


Premiered at the very first Tropfest, a short film festival that originally took place in Syndey, but now is simulcast throughout Australia. David had starred in a few short films that were screened at Tropfest's premiere and has judged the event a few times.

John Polson considers this film the one that saved the festival. He told of two cops who came to shut down the very first Tropfest, because the crowds it was drawing was causing traffic problems among other things. Then one of them started watching the film, and got so engrossed in it that he told the other cop to "let it run." And the rest is Tropfest history.

John Polson (Doby) has worked with David on a number of projects in front of and behind the scenes. John appeared in The Boys, Heartland, Idiot Box and Gino. Laura Keneally played Murdoch's Mom in Dark City and played Girl D in Better Than Sex.


Full video on Tropfest website


Short and Sweet -
The Sunday Telegraph, February 26, 2006

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