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Idiot Box (1997)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Two low-lifes make plans to rob a bank.

Cast List:
Ben Mendelsohn - Kev
Jeremy Sims - Mick
John Polson - Jonah
Graeme Blundell - Detective Eric
Deborah Kennedy - Detective Leanne
Robyn Loau - Lani
Amanda Muggleton - Mum
Rita Loffo - Bank Teller
Stephen Caesar - Scary TV Crim
Chris Noonan - Scary TV Crim
Mark Perry - Scary TV Crim
Emma Tom - TV Gangster Moll
Andrew S. Gilbert - Greg / Laughing Boy
Lenny Rowe - Scary TV Crim
Paul Gleeson - Terry
Gino Balestra - Bank Teller
Susan Prior - Luce
Silvio Ofria - Man with Dog
Susie Porter - Betty
Celia Ireland - Barmaid
Cramer Cain - Arri
Paul Kennedy - Accomplice
Barbara Morton - Frightened Bank Teller
Duncan Wass - Frightened Bank Teller
Fiona Press - Frightened Bank Teller
Paul Doyle - Koala
Michelle Lee - D.S.S. Woman
Peter Browne - Sergeant
Darren Gilshenan - C.E.S. Man
Martin Blacker - Crime Scene Cop
Stephen Rae - Colin
Gary Rowe - Headlights Man
David Wenham - Bank Teller with a History
Simon Mills - Workshop Owner
Kim Hillas - Colin's Mum
Richard Carter - Big Bloke

David's Role:

David played a very vocal bank teller.


Ben Mendelsohn (Lewis) also appeared in Idiot Box as Lewis and Australia as Captain Dutton.

John Polson (Jonah) has worked with David on a number of projects in front of and behind the scenes. John appeared in The Red Dress, Heartland, Gino and The Boys. John also is the founding director of Tropfest. David had starred in a few short films that were screened at Tropfest's premiere and has judged the event a few times.

Jeremy Sims was in Heartland.

Graeme Blundell (Detective Eric) was in Gino as Larry Stone.

Deborah Kennedy (Detective Leanne) played Trish in Stiff and The Brush-Off.

Richard Carter (Big Bloke) played Merv in Heartland, a Sleeping Sentry in No Escape and Craig 'Crusher' Knobes in Gettin' Square.

Susie Porter (Betty) was David's co-star in Better Than Sex. She also worked with David in the play Southern Steel.

Celia Ireland (Cherry) also appeared in the stage productions of The Headbutt,That Eye, The Sky and Cosi.

Peter Browne (Sergeant) had a regular role in Police Rescue as Const. Trevor 'Sootie' Coledale. He also appeared in Come in Spinner.

Darren Gilshenan (C.E.S. Man) was in Dark City as Fingerprint Cop.

Stuntmen Damian Bradford and John walton had roles in Australia and did stunts for Moulin Rouge.

John did stunts for No Escape as well.


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