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The Proposition (2005)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A lawman desperate to end the violence brought on by a a group of brothers, offers them a deal in exchange for the release of one of their own. However, his test of faith comes at a price.

Cast List:
Richard Wilson - Mike Burns
Noah Taylor - Brian O'Leary
Jeremy Madrona - Asian Prostitute
Jae Mamuyac - Asian Prostitute
Guy Pearce - Charlie Burns
Mick Roughan - Mad Jack Bradshaw
Shane Watt - John Gordon
Ray Winstone - Captain Stanley
Robert Morgan - Sergeant Lawrence
David Gulpilil - Jacko
Bryan Probets - Officer Dunn
Oliver Ackland - Patrick Hopkins
Danny Huston - Arthur Burns
David Vallon - Tom Cox
Daniel Parker - Henry Clark
Carl Rush - Robert Borland
Garry Waddell - Officer Davenport
Iain Gardiner - Officer Matthews
Emily Watson - Martha Stanley
Bogdan Koca - Paul Broussard
Sue Dwyer - Mrs. Broussard
Lance Medlin - Dan O'Reilly
John Hurt - Jellon Lamb
David Wenham - Eden Fletcher
Rodney Boschman - Tobey
Boris Brkic - Officer Halloway
Ned Rose - Old Aboriginal
Leah Purcell - Queenie
Tom Budge - Samuel Stoat
Tommy Lewis - Two Bob
Ralph Cotterill - Dr. Bantrey
Max Age - Thommo
Jerry Solomon - Blinky

David's Role:

David Eden Fletcher, a politician who thinks he knows better than Captain Stanley.


Screen Captures and Behind the Scenes


Written by musician Nick Cave.

David was so keen on doing this film, he jokes that he was willing to play a "featured extra".

The location (Wyndham) was very hot and swarming with flies. The actors had to put a special cream that's usually for horses just to keep the flies at bay.

Ralph Cotterill was in the plays Hamlet, The Tempest and The Splendids.

Boris Brkic appeared in the Police Rescue episode titled The cosmic Lightbeam and the film No Escape.

Garry Waddell played Lennie in Heartland, Dennis Obst in Gettin' Square and Anthony Farrell Killing Time.

Tom Budge was in Three Dollars.

Robert Morgan played Chief Inspector Damien Spry in Killing Time.

David Gulpilil also appeared in Australia and Goldstone.

Emily Watson (Martha Stanley) was in Oranges and Sunshine as Margaret Humphries.

Bogdan Koka was in The Splendids as a performer and a director of the show.

John Hurt appeared in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.


'Who do you think you are?'


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