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Children of Huang Shi (2007)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Based on the true story of George Hogg, a journalist who gets more than he bargains for when he's asked to care for a group of orphans in WWII China.

Cast List:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - George Hogg
Radha Mitchell - Lee Pearson
Yun-Fat Chow - Chen Hansheng
Michelle Yeoh - Mrs. Wang
Guang Li - Shi-Kai
Lin Ji - Horse Rider
Matt Walker - Andy Fisher
Anastasia Kolpakova - Duschka
Ping Su - Eddie Wei
Imai Hideaki - Japanese Officer
Sciichiro Hashimoto - Urbane Japanese Officer
Shinichi Takashima - Hostile Kempetai Officer
Xing Mang - Young Communist
Ruixiang Zhu - Japanese Officer II
Yuelong Fang - Rou Ding
Shimin Sun - Yu Lin
Xucheng Shi - Kao Tung
Naihan Yang - Ching
Weijuan Wu - Young Mother
Zhi Zang - Lao Si
Liu Hui - Fallen Soldier
Shunzen Zhao - Colonel Ma
Qing Xuan Alan Li - Wei Ping
Shu Li - Magistrate
Shane Briant - Roger Appsley
Shuyuan Jin - Lo San
Zhibo Wang - Children
David Wenham - Barnes
Shi Yuan - Jin Losin
Kehan Zhai - Children
Hong Bin Zhang - SSS Officer

David's Role:

David played an Australian reporter named Barnes. He and George are desperate to get to the front line, and will do anything to get there.


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Matt stars in Colder, but his career's looking hotter -
MXS, May 6, 2008
"Walker has now wrapped up filming on Children of Huang Shi in China with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bend It Like Beckham) and David Wenham. 'It will come out in about a month.... David Wenham took me under his wing a bit, which was nice,' said Walker."


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