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Gettin' Square (2003)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Barry Wirth has just got out of prison and is trying to keep himself, and his friends, out of trouble, but corrupt police, and the criminal element surrounding them makes it challenging.

Cast List:
Sam Worthington - Barry 'Wattsy' Wirth
David Wenham - Johnny Francis 'Spit' Spitieri
Timothy Spall - Darren 'Dabba' Barrington
Freya Stafford - Annie Flynn
Gary Sweet - Chicka Martin
David Roberts - Niall Toole
David Field - Arnie DeViers
Luke Pegler - Joey Wirth
Richard Carter - Craig 'Crusher' Knobes
Mitchell Butel - Con Katsakis
Garry Waddell - Dennis Obst
John Brumpton - Lenny Morrison
Helen Thomson - Marion Barrington
Marea Lambert Barker - Cheryl
Joe Bugner - Big Mick
Ugly Dave Gray - Jack Cullan
Steven Tandy - Warren Halliwell
Jonathan Biggins - Richard Dent QC
Carol Burns - Paorle Board Chairman
Jared Robinson - CIC Officer
Leo Taylor - CIC Commisioner
Gretel Killeen - Rhonda Halliwell
Jason Gann - Wood-Duck Frank
Don Bridges - Cranky Stan Wallace
Sue Ellen Underwood - Melanie

David's Role:

David Johnny Spiteri, a clever but dim junkie who knows how to confound the law, but desperately wants to get clean and go straight.


AFI and IF Awards 2003
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David was the first choice to play Spitieri.

David won an IF (Australian Inside Film) Award, a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award, An AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award and an Australian Comedy Award for Best Actor.

To research the character of Spit, David people-watched in King's Cross in Sydney.

To lose the weight he ate lettuce leaves and tomatoes. Before each scene he pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers to get that slightly washed-out look in his eyes.

Rather than be shuttled to the filming location from his dressing room, David preferred walking the streets to the set. He felt he fit in quite well, since there "Spits" in every major city all over the world.

David's favorite scene in this film is the courtroom scene.

The scene in the interrogation room at the police station, when Spit is keeping himself occupied was all improvised by David.

He strained a muscle in his leg in the heist scene, which was filmed before the scene in which he's running in flip-flops. This is why he's running funny in that scene.

David chose those skinny jeans. He also suggested that Spit's cold sore "have a mind of its own."

He was held underwater a bit too long during the scene at Chicka's pool. Also, Joe Bugner, an ex-boxer, did make contact with David with a few punches when Big Mick beat up Spit.

Director Jonathan Teplitzky directed David in Better than Sex.

Gary Sweet (Chicka Martin) was one of the leads in Police Rescue. David was in the episode titled "The Cosmic Lightbeam. Gary was also in Come In Spinner.

David Roberts (Niall Toole) played Gerard in Three Dollars.

David Field (Arnie DeViers) appeared in the stage plays: Cosi and The Boys, and was in Seeing Red.

Richard Carter played Merv in Heartland, the Big Bloke in Idiot Box and a sleeping sentry in No Escape.

Mitchell Butel (Con Katsakis) appeared in the play Blue Remembered Hills as John, and Tartuffe as Damis. He was also in the films The Bank as Stephen and Dark City as Officer Husselbeck.

Garry Waddell played Lennie in Heartland, Officer Davenport in The Proposition and Anthony Farrell Killing Time.

John Brumpton portrayed Peter Dupas in Killing Time.

Steven Tandy, Jared Robinson and Leo Taylor had a regular roles in Sons and Daughters. David had a small role in episode 954.

Jared Robinson also had a role in Answered By Fire.


‘Who’s paying my bus fare?’
Robbing the gas station (1:41)
'Steak and Salad with Nuts'

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