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Tran the Man (1994)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Ray Moss is trying to get out of an illegal drug trade being run by his brother and uncle..

Cast List:
David Wenham - Raymond "Tran" Moss
Rowan Woods - Donnie Moss
Skye Wansey - Deb
Stephen Leeder - Uncle Jack

David's Role:

David played Ray, who was a security guard at a local Asian market. When he tells his brother he's out of the drug business, all hell breaks loose.


Rowan Woods directed The Boys.

Skye Wansey (Deb) was in Roses Are Red as a business woman, and in Cosi as Mrs. Spock.

Stephen Leeder (Uncle Jack) was in The Boys as the Commissioner, and in The Bank as Billy.


Tran the Man


A fine way to earn a living -
Sydney Morning Herald, January 30, 1995
"Tran is the nickname of the protagonist, Ray (played by David Wenham), a security guard in Cabramatta.
His brother and uncle pressure him to abet their activities in the Cabramatta heroin trade - increasingly
topical since the murder of State MP John Newman last year."

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