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Van Helsing (2004)

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Synopsis and Cast:

The Vatican gives Van Helsing his top assignment: Go to Transylvania and kill Dracula.

Cast List:
Hugh Jackman - Van Helsing
Kate Beckinsale - Anna Valerious
Richard Roxburgh - Count Vladislaus Dracula
David Wenham - Carl
Shuler Hensley - Frankenstein's Monster
Elena Anaya - Aleera
Will Kemp - Velkan
Kevin J. O'Connor - Igor
Alun Armstrong - Cardinal Jinette
Silvia Colloca - Verona
Josie Maran - Marishka
Tom Fisher - Top Hat
Samuel West - Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Robbie Coltrane - Mr. Hyde
Stephen Fisher - Dr. Jekyll
Dana Morávková - Barmaid
Zuzana Durdinová - Opera Singer
Jaroslav Vízner - Gendarme
Marek Vasut - Villager
Samantha Sommers - Vampire Child
Dorel Mois - Dracula's Ball Performer
Marianna Mois - Dracula's Ball Performer
Laurence Racine - Dracula's Ball Performer
Patrice Wojciechowski - Dracula's Ball Performer

David's Role:

David played Carl, a monk who was also a genious inventor. His sheltered lifestyle is challenged when Van Helsing insists that Carl accompany him on his quest to find Dracula.


Screen Captures


Paul Hogan was originally considered to play Carl.

David's look for the film was conceived by him for his audition tape. Writer/producer/director Stephen Sommers had never heard of David before. So when he mentioned David's tape to Hugh Jackman, he said David was some ugly guy. Hugh tried to convince him otherwise. "No, really. He's a handsome guy." It wasn't until Stephen saw David in the flesh that he realized what a great actor he was.

Hugh has joked and he and David used to compete for the same roles for film and TV projects in Australia and that David always won.

In reality there's only about an inch difference in height between Hugh and David.

Kate Beckinsale (Anna Valerious) said there was plenty of practical jokes happening on set between "the boys".

Hugh Jackman and Robbie Coltrane voiced their characters with David in the cartoon.

Hugh was the lead in Australia.

Richard Roxburgh has worked with David in several projects including the plays That Eye, The Sky, a href="Blueprj.htm" target="_blank">Blue Remembered Hills and Hamlet, and the films A Little Bit of Soul, Moulin Rouge, Legend of the Guardians and Blinky Bill.


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