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The Story of Father Damien

Art Throb -
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 20, 1999

'Quest for Dignity' Focuses on Leprosy -
Star Bulletin, July 1, 1998

All for Damien -
Star-Bulletin, July 2, 1998

'Father Damien' film crew visits historic Honolulu -
Star Bulletin, August 18, 1998

Damien film made in Hawaii is halted in court -
Star-Bulletin, January 14, 1999

Leprosy, Damien and Kalaupapa -
Maui Time, September 13, 1999
"Father Damien, Australian actor David Wenham, elected to stay below, though, remaining
with the patients and in character for the length of the production. Wenham, who’d appeared
in films such as The Boys and Dark City, but was not well-known, was selected for his
'non-household-name' status to allow for the transparency and identification a relatively
unknown actor would bring to the starring role."

'Damien' debuts on Molokai -
Star Bulletin, September 22, 1999

Molokai Movie Premiere -
Star Bulletin, September 22, 1999

The Petrol in his Engine -
Australian Catholics, Autumn 1999

Emotions Run High -
MX, May 31, 2002
"Wenham became emotional as he remembered a friend in the film, who has since died of the
disease. With tears in his eyes, he stopped, composed himself and tried to press on several
times before the subject was finally changed.... The mood switched to laughter be when Wenham,
who has a part in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, described J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece
as 'a road trip with a ring'."

The Madness of Molokai -
Inside Film, June 2002

In Person -
Empire Magazine, August 2002

Heavenly Creature -
Filmink, June 2002

Burying Diver Dan -
The Sydney Morning Herald, June 11, 2002

Act of Faith -
The Sydney Morning Herald, June 14, 2002

Film: Molokai -
Sunday Online (NineMSN), June 16, 2002
David Wenham: "He was a simple man who had a faith that was so strong that it allowed him to achieve
incredible things against enormous odds and to help so many people in doing so."

When Wenham Went to Heaven -
Urban Cinefile, June 20, 2002

Win for Good Guys -
The Daily Telegraph, June 20, 2002

David Wenham: 'In this job you can't plot a career.' -
The Advertiser, June 22, 2002

Fr Damien role is 'uplifting' -
Catholic Weekly, June 30, 2002

Hope Penetrates Hell -
The Herald Sun, July 22, 2002

Molokai Cocktail -
The Courier Mail, August 3, 2002

Leper Colony Sojourn a Career Highlight -
City News, August 8, 2002
"With a smile on his face Wenham recalled the time he spent living on the little Hawaiian island of Molokai
researching his role as a priest in Paul Cox's film of the same name. 'It's such a fabulous little community,' Wenham said."

High Diver -
Brisbane News, August 12, 2002

The joy of heaven, the pain of death -
The Age, July 25, 2007

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