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Smart Girl's Sex Symbol

Seen, heard and enjoyed -
Sun Herald, December 27, 1998
DAVID WENHAM, actor: "Aki Kaurismaki's Drifting Clouds (about a Finnish couple trying to overcome
adversity and unemployment). For lots of reasons - the performances, the way it was so moving."

Dish of the Month -
Good Taste, July 1999

School Trains Actors to be People of Many Parts -
The Australian, October 4, 1999
"Wenham says his training -- not just in acting, but also lighting, stage
management and marketing -- made him self-sufficient in an industry renowned
for unemployment rates of 90-plus per cent. 'Nobody had even heard of the
institution,' he said about trying to get work after graduating in 1986.
'It was really like hitting your head against a brick wall.'"

Verbatim -
Elle, May 2000

David Wenham Interview

Interview with David -
In Style, July 2000

The Thinking Women's Men -
She, September 2000

Interview in Variety -
October 24, 2000

On the Verge

In Style Photo Exhibit -
Sun Herald, April 8, 2001
"Actors Rachel Griffiths, Susie Porter, David Wenham, Alex Dimitriades, Rose Byrne and John Polson joined musicians Tex
Perkins, Mark Seymour and Deni Hines and a host of other notables including radio presenter Merrick Watts, theatre
company boss Robyn Nevin and TV personality Rove McManus in documenting a day in their life for InStyle's first birthday
"Shoot-Out" exhibition.... Then there are David Wenham's photos of his parents lounging around their home...."

David's Roots -
Scoop, Summer 2001/2002

Wenham Factor -
Black & White, June/July 2001

Not Just One of the Boys -
Sun Herald, August 26, 2001

Q&A -
TV Week, November 17, 2001

A Dan for All Seasons -
X-Press Magazine, ? 2002

Hugh Exports Style -
The Sunday Telegraph, March 24, 2002
"Aussie export Hugh Jackman has been voted Australia's most stylish man.... Baker was at number six,
followed by You Am I's Tim Rogers, Guy Pearce, actor David Wenham and silverchair's Daniel Johns."

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